Finding automable process with high Number of FTE

Hi, Is that possible to have a process with FTE with number higher than 1 ? What are the examples ?

I am currently in the process discovery phase and most of the process I found only contains 0.2-0.5 FTE.
For example, user mail creation process in the IT Ops Dept, which I found, only take 7 hour per week in total 95 user email creation per week), which only generate 0.175 FTE (7 hour / 40 hour per week).

According to the business sense, these process is not really automable because it bring little to no benefit at all,



You can use same BOT for multiple processes.

Hi Lakshman

Thanks for your reply, yes I can tell my client that one bot defintely can be done for multiple process. However, if I choose process with very low number of FTE, more process need to be developed and it will increase the number of development cost. Because this is for early stage, I just want to choose which process can give the “quick win” solution, that is high FTE, huge saving, and quick development.

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As you said you people are in early stage and so go for small process first. Once client get satisfied with that then he will give more no. of processes to automate it.

As you said @Andre_Hawari always try to choose a small process in early stage of the project, this will win the Client’s satisfaction. Once you start with good start then you can keep on increasing the complexity in tasks.


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