Finding a value from each row in a column in one excel with another column in another excel

I have two excel sheets .The task is to check each value in a column in the first excel is present or not in a particular column in the second excel.
for example if the first sheet has multiple columns and one of them is Employer Name while the second sheet also has as many as 50000 records and one column is sEmployerName.The task is i have to check whether each and every employer name in the first excel is present or not in the second excel .If suppose a successful match is found then i have to update certain columns in the first excel corresponding to the row the match was found .
the search criterua is: if the employer name is Henry J Ford then at first i will search for the entire name if this is not found then i will remove a word from it i.e ford and search again.This will be done until a match has been found or we are left with 4 characters which can be a single word or a combination of words.Space is being used a delimiter

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reference 1
reference 2

but can you help on the name logic if the full name is found then remove a word and search again until we are left with at least 4 characters which can be a combination of one or multiple words.Space is the delimiter