Finding a file using a Cross-Platform Complability

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Today i come with a case that i can’t yet find a solution… This is the scenario
I have a worklow which has to download a .xlsx file from a Drive account and then find the file in the downloads folder, and use it to Upload the file to a storage bucket. Since the process is created with de Cross-Platform Compability (Which i have no knowledge) finding the route in o the file in the machine with the common methods doesn’t look possible.

The idea is that after downloading the file and extracting the route and the name upload the file to the storage bucket and then get that file for later use in the process. I’m using Cross-Platform because i was ask to, if you’re asking.

So… Let me know what you think, How an i find the file? Does this really work? Is there a better way?

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If you need to find the file from the Storage bucket, you may take a look at this article

In order to download locally the Storage Bucket file, use the Download Storage file activity as below

Folder: “Shared” (folder name from Orchestrator)

Path: “\”

Storage Bucket Name: “StorageBucketName”

Destination: “C:\Orchestrator_bucket\” (local path of the folder including the file name and extension)

After you downloaded somewhere locally the file from the Storage bucket, you will know the actual path and can manipulate it based on your requirements.


What do you mean by “finding a route with the common methods”?

Also, I see you’re downloading from google drive. Have you considered using the GSuite Scope?


Hello @marian.platonov & @Edwin_Barahona

As you can see in the image i uploaded I’m downloading a file from a drive with a click activity… This means that even though I download a file during execution the robot doesn’t know anything about that file, that’s why i don’t know how i can proceed to Upload the file to the Storage Bucket (To be able to Upload the file to the Storage i need to have the route/name of the file).

I tried using a Wait for Download Activity, bubt something is still not working, remembering that we’re talking of a Cross-Platform (Serverless) , robot.

@Edwin_Barahona Cross Platform processes are completly Unattended, and as far as in Know Drive Activities need human intervention to be able to enter the drive account.
“finding a route with the common methods”? what i meant with this is that methods like
Directory.GetFiles(Enviroment…) are not available with Cross Platform.

My question basically is, How i can find the route of the file that i download from drive (see image)?

Thank you for your attention.

Are you trying to automate this process for linux? because that may be different when trying to reach the folder structure.

I just tried a mockup test and Directory.GetFiles seems to be working fine in Cross - platform.
My test was on 2022.4.4 community / Cross-platform / VB running on a windows machine

Not necessarily, you could authenticate with google drive connector or by creating a service account in the google developer console. You will be prompted to authenticate but should only happen on the first setup and whenever you generate a new key or authorize a new account.

About the Google Workspace Activities Package (

Chances are I am completely misunderstanding your use case, let me know if this helps.

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Hello Edwin! The thing that i was telling you before was this… “Directory.GetFiles(…” doesn’t seem available in my project

Captura de pantalla 2022-08-05 092900

Check if you have imported System.IO, or you can call it directly as System.IO.Directory.GetFiles



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