Hello guys,

I am trying to use find Image in order not to use delay but it not finding the right element.

Instead of choosing the element marked with yellow, it types F$ and the process ends.

Any ideas what should I do.

One more question.

I am working in Citrix and I need to save an excel with current month + current month name + “-” + “All Assets”. For this I am using lastMonth + " " + MonthName + “-” +Year + " " +“All Assets”. Instead of this I am getting 05 48-2019 aLL aSSETS.
For lastMonth the value is :DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1).ToString(“MM”)
For monthName the value is DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1).ToString(“mmm”)
Year has the value of DateTime.Now.Year.ToString.

Maybe the fact that I am using citrix and I am working on a virtual machine (the robot is installed on local machine) affects the quality of writing.

Thanks in advance!



I guess you are trying to read that highlighted text right ?

If yes then instead of using Find Image Activity use Computer Vision activities or try with different OCR engines as you said it is Citrix automation.

Try this: