Findchildren does not find children consisting of more than one string

I am working with “UiPath.Core.Activities.FindChildren”. It works fine if a child consists of one single string which can be selected in a dropdown menu of a website.

If the childs consist of more than one word I am unable to use FindChildren. It looks like it cannote separate them properly.

How can I solve this?

Can you provide any screenshots to help detail the issue?


I was looking for a similar sample with this site: “Aktuelle Lottozahlen und Lottoquoten
this is the first part, which works fine. First, there is a year to be choosen.

When a year is select the second selection has different content, depending on selected year. This consists of more than one string and does not work: (2.7 KB)

What is the end goal? Are you looking to get a list of all days aligned to the year selected?

The above works to provide a list of the days depending on what you select for the year.

Thanks a lot! It works!

Great. Please mark as solution

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