I’m working on a project that needs to download reports that are generated in excel. the reports that need to be generated for download are searched in the application search engine. after entering the name of a report, it is generated per page, but other reports are generated on the page. the location of the report on the Aways page is different (once is the beginning of the page, once at the end). after clicking the name in the search engine, the name of the report is highlighted in blue. you have to click in the box next to it to be able to download. so far with activity for each I read all the reports that need to be written in the search engine. how do I then select the specific report from the list?

The name of the report (and subsequent blue box) should have a specific selector. If you input the unique report name as a variable into this selector, you should be able to use that selector as an anchor for a click activity to click on the desired report directly.

Here is more info about using Anchors: Anchor Base

You may post a screenshot here for reference. One possible way is using Click Text. The Text here is the report name.

As you mentioned the name of the report will get highlight in Blue color after seaching with the report name. So if the position of the Blue box is static, can try to use a click activity with proper anchor. Maybe you can try to sue App/Web recorder to capture the click action and during recording select a reliable anchor. Also plz check whether the name of the Report is there somewhere in the selector, if yes you can pass the report name in the selector dynamically.

Hello, the position of the blue box is not static. it is always in a different place. depends on which report is generated. the report name appears in the selector, but does this mean that you need to add to it all the report names that will need to be generated?


In the click activity, you can record anyone report name and check in the selector in the property panel. There will be some attributes which is having the Report name( eg: attributes like aname,title etc). If you can find something similar, then pass the name of the report dynamically to the selector.

Maybe you can refer the below video.