Find words on web url

Hi ,

how i can find particular words(Acquire,Acquisition) exist on a website.
I know its very simple but i am not getting proper result.



There are 2 ways to achieve this.

1.Open the Url -
Once open -use GetText activity and click on the Page - this will output you text of the page , here we can do textsearch and get wether the string is availabel or not.

  1. Second way is : Open the Page in Browser :
  • Send Hotkey (Ctrl + F) - This will open the seacrh Box.
  • Search for the required word.Hit Enter
  • Read the Occurence Count as highlightes below from the Webpage …
  • if count is greater than 1 - we say the text exist.




Thanks for giving me a answer very quickly ,but it is a very slow process i have 45000 url and find 40 keywords.

For Looking a keyword into a webpage - The page has to be opened - That will take the time anyways.

Looking at the volume of the data - we can have a Parallel execution here.

Since we have different Urls , Multiple tabs can be Opened at once … Uipath has a activity called - Parallel - we can use it here.

Alos, looking at the Transaction volume , Orchestrator Queues should be used here.


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I am downloading the source code of my url and seeing it open,the keywords are matching but normally open url,keywords are not matching

So we have the The complete html page downloaded in Local Drive ?

If Yes - we do not have to Necessarily open it again then , we can have Code to read the Content Internally and search Keywords.