Find word in html table and edit form in next column

I’m looking for a function that finds a word (1) in a html tabel and edit/inserts value (from other datatable) in a form in next column (2).

Did a search and can’t find anything good in the forums.

@Martin_S you can use get text for scraping data and type into for edit

Example download from below link

Sorry! But thats not the right function for my problem.

I need to find a string (“The Word I want”) in a html table, when the string is found in a row, I need to use type into in the row but in column C from a other DataTable (variable)


Please follow the below steps:

  1. Use data scraping to generate datatable.
  2. Use for each row to iterate datatable and search for particular word(1) in Column A.
  3. Store the row index where it got matched.
  4. Look into the selector of the field where you wants to type.
  5. You can add table row, row index or other similar attributes in the type into selector .
  6. Pass the row index as variable in your selector and mark “Empty field” property of “Type into” activity as true.


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Thank you @Bharat

I’m stuck right now with the RowIndex!
The scraped datatable has a start from rowindex 1 but the html row starts from 0. So I can’t input data to the correct row. I’m behind with 1 rowindex. Any idea? Can I do a RowIndex+1?

Yes you can increment or decrement rowindex while passing it to selector in the selector string.
Decrement rowindex by one if it’s typing in the row next to the correct row and vice versa.