Find window


I need to understand which window has appeared in APP.
There are different types of windows.
Depending on this, the robot must perform various actions.
Could You help me to learn robot to do this?

Is there a specific title or a unique attribute for each window?
If yes you can try to use a on element appear for this element inside the window and launch your actions.

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Thank you for responding.

These are two different windows with different attributes (including the title).
What UIpath element I need to use to determine the title?

Hi @Alex7,

For all windows you can keep element exist for each thing & use

thank you helped

Оne more question:
Is there a way not to specify a delay before checking the a window?
Сontinue to work as soon as the window appears.

Now I set a timeout of 15 seconds, but the window may appear earlier.

Hi @Alex7,

Use wait element vanish

Thank you

I need element “On Element Appear”

Hi @Alex7,

Yes it will work