Find Value of Write Cell if Column name repeated

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How can we get cell value H4
Example : India having code INXX088 for Q1 as the column name it should return cell H4 but the Columns here are duplicated so lookup cannot be considered

Have attached the Sheet
India Sales Data.xlsx (5.7 KB)


You can read data starting from the first column name(country) till the end(the second Q4)…read without add headers as column names are same…

Now you can use filter datatable and remove the unwanted columns and create two different datatable one with first Q1 to Q4 and other table with the second Q1 to Q4

Then you can perform look up as you needs …on either of the tables

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We can rename each column from content of the datatable.(Initially read range without headers)
The following is a sample for this. Finally we can access value of H4 using the following expression.

dt.Rows(0)("March-23_Employee Posted No_Q1") (15.2 KB)


Thanka @Anil_G

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Thanks @Yoichi for sharing the sample

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