Find unique in 4 columns

Hello Team,

i want to find unique email address for each row…Please guide

eg: If Primary and secondary value is same then only 1 value should be considered

Hi @mayur.mandge,

Use the remove duplicate activity .


Hi @mayur.mandge

Can u tell the concept of unique email address
U mean unique cell in each row

Nived N :robot:

the expected output can be interpretated in many forms and was unfortunately not described in the requirements. Lets assume following result output:

  • Datatable
  • All Cols without Primary,Secondary, Tertiary, Quartenary Cols
  • Result Col with all distinct emailID from the row checked on Prim,Sec, Tert, Quat Col

Find some starter help on this implemented with a reduced sample data set, but ready by just configure some control variables:
Get_Distincts_manyCols_ConcatedResult.xaml (10.0 KB)

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Hello Nived,
Only considering 4 Columns(i.e Primary.Secondary.Tertiary,Quarternary) out of 6, if any of 4 columns contains same value, eg:Primary = ABC, Secondary = ABC, then ABC should be fetched only once.
let me knw if any doubts in question and guide ,
Thank you

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