Find Today date named Excel_Read Range


I saved Excel file using
“Excel_” + now.tostring(“yyyyMMdd”)

And after that, I want to read that file.

But as I know, I can’t use now.tostring(“yyyyMMdd”) for WorkbookPath in Read Range Activities.

How can I solve this problem?


Create one string variable and assign that value.

     varFileName = "Excel_" + now.tostring(“yyyyMMdd”)

Then pass it to save excel file and also pass the same variable to workbook read range activity to read the file.


Umm Saving project and read range project are divided for some reasons…
Is that possible to select workpath with tostring for this activity??


Here you pass the string variable which holds file path.

Like this??


Try this.

        strExcel = "Excel_"+Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd")+".xlsx"

In Excel Application Scope activity, pass as below.

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Thank you it works!

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