Find the month name from string

How to find the month name from string

Can you post the string you have @vivekktr?

Or else you need to check as string.contains(“January”) or string.contains(“Feb”) and so on , but in the individual if conditions so that you will know which month name is present in the string

the month name will be changed dynamically

Can we have the string even a sample is fine
Cheers @vivekktr

you can use a .contains with a switch or youcan use a is match activity regex

if i have the filename it contains month name it should change dynamically


Create one array of string variable and write all month names in it. Then use ForEach loop to iterate that array and compare whether that file contains any month name or not.

How to pick the both file month name filename jan 2019
filename January 2019
the month name will be change dynamically