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Hi All ,
I have a table in web that contains 6 columns .
1st column name is Book(it is a button)
6th column is name price

I have to click on the book(button ) where the price is lowest .

Please help.


Can you please share your xaml file or application screenshot for better understands.

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You can use the Find Children activity and check the If condition for lower price. @tharani.natarajan

If condition match then you can give that value to click selector and you will be good.

Check the find children activity link below.

do a check on following strategy

  • extract datatable / data
  • calculate lowest price e.g. with a linq
    dtData.AsEnumerable.Min(Function (x) Cint(x("Price").toString.Trim))
  • Use a dynamic selector for the click

To give you more clarity ,This is how the webpage looks.Click here is a button

Button Details location Price
CLICK Here xy A 100
CLICK Here yy B 111
CLICK Here hh C 232
CLICK Here bb D 44

You can do it as suggested by @ppr

Check if the the click here row attribute is changing in the selector.

For eg. for Row 1 in selector you will see row=1 and so on.

If it is changing then you can simply pass the row index in the click activity selector.


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