Find the latest month column of excel file where column names are redundant


I have an excel file i need to write data to the column (named as current month) there are so many columns with month names and repeated also.

So first i need to get the latest month and then write data to this, we have 2 column for each month so i can not read the data table because of redundancy.

Please help me on this


Then go based on Column Index.

but i am not able to read columns as well. when i am using read range activity i will have to remove headers.

the structure of excel file would be like this:

item item name plant jan 2018 feb 2018 mar2018 average issues jan 2018 feb 2018 mar2018

so if current month is jan then i will have to apply formula for jan 2018 and again in next jan 2018 seperatly.