Find the fist three and last three character of String

7689124345657, Nam54637ata, —678+++ - Print the number by taking first 3 and last 3 charactersSS

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare

So the below are the three individual strings and you want you want the first and last three characters from these three or it is only one string. Please confirm

7689124345657,Nam54637ata,—678+++ -


yes all are individual string

this three are different string and from that string i have get fisrt three and last three character and join it and combine it

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare

The format of data remains same or it varies

Ex: 7689124345657, it always contains numbers but it may vary


i need my ans like 768657 similer to other 2 string

@Sandhya_Gajare Please try the attached workflow (3.0 KB)

in_Text= “7689124345657”

Just use input as string and then just concatenate the first 3 index and last 3 index. Hope this answers the question. Below is the query:-
var(0)+var(1)+var(2) +var(var.Length-3)+var(var.Length-2)+var(var.Length-1)

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