Find the blank column and and working from blank column

Visit type sample.xlsx (81.0 KB)

→ I want to pick the PID, but the issue is that I have to skip all the entry where the L column which is the status column fills,

→ I want to start our loop from where the status column is blank until end

as a first step give a try on following:

  • read range - reads in the excel into a datatable

  • filter datatable - filter expresession to status column is empty - output: dtFiltered

  • for each row on dtFiltered

  • picking up the PID - row(“PID”).toString

can u plzz make a xmal from me, because I am new here

have a look here:

filter settings:

Also do not miss out to refer to the helping courses from Academy


hi i have another issue., this is right solution, but when bot entered the status in status column, its enterning from the top,

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