Find text in scroll page screen

Hi, I need to automate screen to select a folder by using text, However, the screen don’t have search folder method, so I can’t type the specific folder I want.
So usually human are looking for the folder manually by scrolling the page.

How UIPath handle this situation? I have the folder name as input (text).

We can imagine the screen as follow, without search textbox.

Hello Raspi_Ewin,

1.Firstly get all the files from the directory using Directory.getFiles(“directory name”). name of the file which you are searching for in a variable.
3.using for each operation search the file in collection of file
4.use PowerShell Invoke-Item command to open the file when found.


In attached XAML
MyFile is FileName you are searching for
FileName is an array of the String containing all files in specified directory.
I haven’t caught any exceptions, so please make possible changes :sweat_smile:

SelectTheFile.xaml (9.3 KB)

HI Chetan, thank you for your help!

However, actually the actual environment not in folder type, but like this screen below. We can select the project by clicking the text. Do you have any idea how to do the searching ? I have successfully get the name of the project as text. But the search method is really confusing.