Find text in PDF and display it

Hello everyone,

I would like to find the text “Hello” in the attached PDF and display it in a PDF viewer (Adobe Reader).

Please advise how to solve this.

Thanks a lot


Hello.pdf (141.8 KB)

Hey @jan.exner

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Please find attached work flow which will extract data from PDF file.

Do you want check the “Hello” word is present or not and then you want to extract it ?? (147.9 KB)

Please Check it and let me know it is working or not.


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Hey @Vijay_Kumar_C,

Unfortunately this is not exactly what I need :(.

I need to find the text “Hello” in the PDF and then view it in the PDF viewer (Adobe Reader). I need the following text to find “Take a photo” in Adobe Reader


Hi @jan.exner

can you please share a sample output image which i can refer …??


image in Attachment.


  1. open PDF “Hello.pdf” in Adobe Reader
  2. I find “Hello”
  3. Copy it to clipboard (“Take a snapshot” function in Adobe Reader)
  4. paste into Microsoft Word
  5. Save as a new PDF

doc1.pdf (140.3 KB)

Hi @jan.exner,

Follow this steps:

  1. Start process and pass Adobe Reader path and second argument file path
  2. Send Hot key, Ctrl + F (this opens in build text finder)
  3. Use TypeInto activity to search the string in Find window (Pass the text with enter key)
    This find the text move the cursor to that place then you can take screenshot of it.

Sasikumar K

Hi @Sasi.lalo,

I tried, but unfortunately the screen moves so that the search word is on the middle, I need it to be as high as possible.

Next is the fact that I sometimes need it for scanned PDFs …