Find Text/ Double Click Text in Chrome

This issue should be fixed for some time now. You must upgrade the UI Automation package to at least 20.4.1 version.

I was facing similar issue, later realized there was pop-up blocker notification in chrome, once selected as ‘Allow Always’, the click worked.


The latest version I’m able to update my UI Automation package to is 19.11.1 and my company has Enterprise Edition. Is this fix only in place for Community Edition?

I think the fix should be available in the UIAutomation package 20.4 or higher. You should still be able to use our official package feed to grab it. Naturally, please make sure it complies with your company governance policies.


I’m not finding the updated 20.4 package in the package feed

Such situation can indeed happen in enterprise installations. Please see here for more details on how to set up the official feed: