Find text and click on Web App

I want to find random number folder (ex. 455070000873, 455070000896 or 455070000920) and click on it

@suraj23 selectors are available for it?

but how because every time folder might not be to apply selector for particular search folder and then click process
for ex:if m searching 455070000871 this folder after finding this i have to click on same right now,second time my no will be 455070000907 then how we apply selector fa it …so we want dynamic solution

@suraj23 if selectors are available means we can generalize it, so that it will click on particular folder based on the number.


If you can, please post a screenshot of the selector tree in UiExplorer. There is a solid chance that some properties of the selector can be used here, i.e. aaname, name, or similar.

If so, it is possible to construct a selector that is dynamic, where the number that changes is fed to the selector via a variable.

@suraj23, please find idx=’" + Counter + "’ and loop for the same increment to click. don’t rely on aaname property as it will change when data grid get change.

Hope my inputs are useful.

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Just take a do while loop and create a “Counter” as a Generic Variable and make Counter = Counter+1 for increment.