Find text and click on corresponding field


I have this situation:

I have a search field, that be use for find a some registers (the registers can be 1 or many others).

I need search the register and, after found it, I need change the value corresponding at the filed.

But, sometimes, I’ll need change the field of register 3, for example.

I thought in use the FIND TEXT to search number of register on the listed rows, but after found it, how that I can change the information “ab3” corresponding to line 3?

Please help me!

Best Regards.


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@arthurfsantos11 - Assuming you are using an Excel workbook, you can use “Read Cell” and “Write Cell” activities to do this activity. You can also read the complete Excel worksheet into a datatable, modify the data in the datatable and write the modified data back to Excel worksheet.


Not sure if I understand you correctly.
After you found a register, you want to write the information from column D to column C ?


Hello @sreenivasm!

I’m not working in Excel, this image is juts to simulate my system.

I’m working in a software that uses fields like that.

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@arthurfsantos11 - Is that a web based system or a windows desktop thick client?


@sreenivasm - The system desktop application.

@arthurfsantos11 - As long as it is a Microsoft Windows based application, you should be able to access the elements and modify them.

But, how that I can do the UiPath “knows” the field that should be click and interact?

Each situation have a different position, sometimes can be line 1, other times can be line 4.

I do not have standardized information.

The bot need read the code and use field corresponding on the same line.

Some answer?

Anyone can help?

@arthurfsantos11 - You should be able to store the search results in a “Datatable” object and then loop through each row and then update the cell based on the register value.