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IO have a datagrid which contains, among other data, policy number and policy type. The policy number may exist several times in the grid but with different policy type status. I need to locate the policy number where the policy type = “Policy” (of whicht here will be only one occurrence). Is this possible?



have you tried using regular expressions? I don’t know the method used to “read” the datagrid

@darrens _ It will very helpful if you are can post the screenshot of grid.
There are multiple ways to that.

  1. You can use element exist.
  2. You can use anchor base activity.
  3. You can use Regex @asesor-rpa explained.

Hope it will help you.


have you tried out (Shout-out to

dt.Select("[policy number]=‘0001234’ and [policy type]=‘Policy’")

Attached is the data grid I am reading from. So, foremost, it looks for the policy number using the find text activity. Now I also need to be able to make sure that the policy status is set to “Policy”. See the highlighted row in the attached image. I then need to select that row and send a right-click.



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Hi @darrens - I think you need to follow @Mr_Meeseeks approach in here. Extract the DataTable from Extract Structured Data activity let say dt1 is the output and then apply the filter.
dt1.Select("[policy number]=‘0001234’ and [policy type]=‘Policy’") .CopyToDataTable(). It will provide you the whole details of the row ad you can fetch the data from data row accordingly.


Thanks for the replies. This activity looks brilliant and just what I’m looking for.

However, when I try to use the data scraping tool to read in the data, I get the following error dialog. Any way around this?