Find Text Activity won't match second word of string

I’m using the “Find Text” activity to locate a string within a web table so that I can use it as a reference point to find an image and a button for later processing. The entire website is weirdly designed and has a distinct lack of reliable selectors, which is why I’m doing it this way. The website uses Java, which I think is involved in the selectors and display of the text

The first stage was scraping the table from the browser and storing it. Then iterating through the rows to find each string. “Find Text” won’t return a match unless I restrict it to a substring of the first word.

The data scraping collects the whole table no trouble, as does “Get Text”. The columns are expandable, which means the whole string is sometimes truncated, but the whole thing is still collected. I have a theory that the java is somehow interfering with the Find Text, but I don’t know how to get around it.