Find sum of values by grouping in a Data Table

Hello All,

I have a Data Table as below:


What I would like to find out is the sum of all Invoice Values corresponding to a Client Name. So the output should be like below:

<ClientName 1>:Total Invoice Value
<ClientName 2>:Total Invoice Value

and so on.

How shall I get this done. Kindly help.


find some starter help here:
GroupBy_Sum_1Col.xaml (7.9 KB)

@ppr - Thanks. :v: Is this advanced coding that is used ??

it is just combining some standards. Have look here:

However was the provided demo matching your requirements?

Yes. Sum by grouping is what i wanted. :slight_smile:

@ppr I am new to coding. Just aware of the basics. Guess I need to pick up more !! :roll_eyes:

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