Find specific files in directories and subdirectories except in specific subdirectories

Dear Community,

I use the following command to search all .xaml files in the directory including all subdirectories:


However, the code should avoid searching in the subdirectory called “Logs”. Or, alternatively, the code should skip all of the .xaml files that contain the word “MergedFile”. How can I implement either of these two exceptions?

Many thanks

Hey @Gennaro_Bozza

Try This:

Directory. GetFiles(“D:\Samplek”, “*.xaml”, SearchOption.AllDirectories).Where(function(s) NOT s.Contains(“MergedFile”))

use it in For each with type argument String.



SearchOption in GetFiles has only two values- TopDirectoryOnly and AllDirectories. So, no option here to exclude files.

But you can achieve this using LINQ query -

Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\Users\Karthik\Desktop\uipath\ReFrameWork-master\", "*.xaml", SearchOption.AllDirectories)
                        .Where(s => !(s.Contains("MergeData") || s.Contains("\\Log\\")))
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