Find SamAccountName in AD using Name

How to Find SamAccountName in AD using Name.

It is possible to other extract details from SamAccountName but looking to find SamAccountName using Employee Name


@lukas.macas : Any inputs to get SamAccount name from Employee name. If it is not possible using any activities then do we have alternative way to get this.

There are infinite scenarios to assume SamAccountName and get other fields so it is important to get exact userid from Employee Name.

I’m not sure if I understand you but you can get user by standard filtering with activity Get Object by Filter or if you need more advanced filtering in one step you can use Get Object by LDAP Filter

@lukas.macas : What will be inputs to both activities? My requirement is to pass full name as input and get user name or other properties.

Of course, you can do that simply


or you can use another attribute like diplayName etc.

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