Find Percentage & Total in Excel data

Hi Everyone, I have a excel data in that i want to find total and how many subjects failed count. I have done this process using excel formulas and even did by using If conditions in UiPath. Is there any better approach to solve this.
I’m attaching my Excel data below. I have mentioned my input and required output.

Excel Question.xlsx (11.3 KB)


The mentioned 2 methods is a good way to get the desired output in your case, if you want you can implement Excel formula in Ui Path itself using Excel Activities(Write cell).

You can also use Linq to achieve the same, this will be faster if more data exist.

Hi @balraj.krishnappa if you have any related documents of Ling query or if you have any code also please share me.

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You can start learning about LINQ from below link,

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Thank you @balraj.krishnappa i will follow that tutorial.

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If your issue is resolved please mark my message as Solution.

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