Find particular id in search box in the site

Hi all,

I am having list of ids in excel and from that list i am taking id and that id i need to search in e-commerce site search box but i am getting more products when i searched in that products searching product id is available how to find particular my id as shown in below image

Try find children and aaname (get attribute)

aaname contains your id.

@vvaidya Thank you for your reply but now after finding children how to click particular product ?

Hi @indra,

Use find children activity to get all related products and there give dynamically give ur aaname as ur I’d and search it.


@arivu96 Can you please elaborate more how to use dynamically for below image

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@indra, Let’s say you have Id in one of the products’ aaname. From Get attribute output check the following aaname.Contains(Id).
Then use that item in click activity.

Dominic :slight_smile: