Find out how long it take for the bot to do an if statement

Hi guys i need you helps,

I have developed a workflow however the bot is a bit slow at doing the if statements, is there a way for me to potentially have a stop watch on the if statements to find out exactly how long its taking? like write line - timestamp or even better if anyone has any suggestions that would help the if statements go a bit quicker that would really help.

Open to any suggestions appreciate any help.

Hi @nick.v,

for this I’ll suggest you to take 2 Log Message, place them before and after that If activity with value —> Now.ToString
And run your workflow, that’s how you’ll get to know time before & after If activity.

so it would be writeline activity and in the box now.tostring? @samir


Yes, Value of parameter —> Now.ToString
and if you’re expecting the difference in milliseconds then, use —> Now.TimeOfDay.ToString

ok so i have used writeline activity and i got this

am i write in saying the date and time in the output is the writeline? @samir

@samir is there a way of naming the write line so when he records the time in the output i know what its related to?
i have 5 if statements so its difficult to read

@nick.v, you can concatenate a string with now.ToString like you can use…
—> "1st If starting time - "+Now.ToString
—> "1st If ending time - "+Now.ToString

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cool thank you

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