Find non matching records in an Excel column and add in another Excel column

Closed Club to Alternate Club List_and all clubs.xlsx (14.6 KB)
Minified JunkARReport.xlsx (31.8 KB)
Hi Community!
I have two Excel files which I have converted to datatables, JunkReportDT and ClubSheetDT. I have uploaded files for you all to view and understand the situation easily. I want to add non-matching data in ‘Club Moved To’ column in ClubSheetDT to ‘Location’ column in JunkReportDT. Please give me suggestions how can I do this.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


can you tell me what type of non matching value?

I mean to say, if you look in both Excel files, the one with name ‘Closed Club…’, it has two columns. I want to compare ‘Closed Club’ column of Club Sheet file with ‘Location’ column of ‘Minified JunkARReport’ file. Say, I name these matching records as DT1 after storing them to Datatable. Then I want to compare this DT1 with ‘Club Moved To’ column in ‘Closed Club…’ column. Say these matching records are named as DT2. Then I want to add the non-matching records in ‘Club Moved To’ column(i.e. records in ‘Club Moved To’ column not matched with ‘Closed Club’ column) in ‘Location’ column of JunkARReport file.

I hope now it’s clear.


For Comparing follow these process.
store First Excel in Dt1
second excel in Dt2.
Use For each row in Dt1
Assign var1=row(“colname”)
use assign activity filteredDt=Dt2.Select(“[columnname]=‘var1’”).copytoDatatable()

A Manohar

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Thanks so much buddy! I shall try this!