Find LOGO in Scanned PDF

Hello Guys,

Pls show some light how to solve this …


I have multiple logos as PNG files in my local folder, i need to find if any one of my logo is matching with the Scanned PDF file(Input).


  1. Input PDF files ---- Scanned Image PDF (Full page as image only) —need to find logo in that image pdf
  2. Logo may be in any region (Not static)
  3. Need to check with multiple logos from my local folder(if one logo is not matching , need to check with another logo)
  4. Already tried with image exist option but unable to change the logo dynamically
    every time i need to use selector to change another logo thats not recommended.


Hi @Saleem.A

You can use Read PDF with OCR Activity


Thanks for the reply - [AshwinS2].

Yeah, but problem is some logos don’t have text just design only.