Find length of object array

I need to find length of an object array, If I try like
count = objVar.tostring.length
It returns 15 which is counting chars in System.Object
Can anyone help me with his?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If objVar is an array you should be able to get the length with objVar.Length

This Object is coming as an output variable from “Get object Properties” in Active directory scope.
I need to check number of values in Object. I am looking to get count as 35.


Hi @kaurM ,

As @ptrobot mentioned in the previous post, You Should be able to get the Count of the Items present in the Object Array variable using the Length() method or the Count() Method.

Like in the below way :


Let us know what is the Output after you have used the Above Expressions

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Try this!!

Convert your Object into an array of objects


Hoep it helps!!

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