Find key words on web page and click

Hi everybody,

I have a list of projects on left side of a web page and I need to find a specific project and click on the area next it. (Only right side is clickable)

I have been struggling with this problem for many days, any help is greatly appreciated!

If this is a table, you can scrap the table using UiPath and write a logic to identify which cell to click.

its not a table.
is there any other methods? I tried to use click image and define the scope.

It would be very difficult to suggest a solution without actually seeing the website. Could you provide some selectors from the page?

Hi @Kenneth_Lin

Check the selector for each project where text or aaname should be your project name


There are many elements within the page (see screenshot, highlighted in red). What I trying to accomplish is find keyword PTO and then click on the white area next it.