Find item or query and check the checkbox

Hi everyone!

I have problem with Oracle finding the specific item and check the checkbox after found the item. In my case, I want to find item no.9 and no.20 by clicking the “Page down” many times and tick the checkbox of no.9 and 20. however, if i use click panel and check checkbox, nothing happens. Can you help me how to solve my problem? Thank you in advance. Please see picture


Hello @Amber17,
Can you check the selector for item no 9 and item no 20,

Because, it’s look like a table format, so i think In selector only the count value will be change for each and every row,
so check the selector or get the table value to achieve this.

Poovarasan Gunasekaran.

Hi @Poovarasan2, Thank you for your reply. will it not be used If then function? If Uipath find No.9 after pagedown, then it will click the corresponding checkbox? Then pagedown again to find No.20 and tick the checkbox. Basically, I tried many times because I’m thinking it might be the selector only, but unfortunately always nothing happens.

Can you send the selector value to me.?

Because In uipath, no need to click pagedown for selecting the check box.
If we mentioned the full selector in check activity , it will automatically go down and click the checkbox.

Thanks again @Poovarasan2, this is my screenshot of selector.
Hope you can help me. :grinning::grinning:

I think your item no.20 are also the same selector, but the idx= 20. correct…?

So use check activity, and check the selector for item no.9 was working are not & then try with item no.20.

If both having no problem, then you can try both in the same sequence.

If you face any different problem, let me know.


yes, line no 9 & 20 have the selector.

After editing location of no.9 to ‘9", after I used click panel the default always ‘5’ maybe because it reads based on the page down but not the real location, so after i changed to from’5’ to ‘9’, there’s an error in edit selector ‘current selector is invalid. Fix the selector or indicate a new element’. I don’t know why it defaults to 5.

Can you please explain clearly with some screenshots.?


Uipath reads line number reset to 1 after scroll down, instead of should be continuous. In the screen rows shows only up to 7 rows so when i scroll down instead of line’9’, when i checked the selector line is different, as well as with no.20 instead of line ‘20’ edit selector is ‘8’ instead of '20. Let me know if this is still vague for you. Thank you.

Now i can understand your problem,

Are you able you get the whole value as DataTable.?

Or else Get each and every checkbox selector and compare the changes.

Hi @Poovarasan2 , do you know the reason why is that when i click the checkbox for line 1 and line 69 (but since i told you before that uipath reads table by scrolling down reset to 1 instead of continuous) all the first line and 69th line per table has also checked? Uipath copy ticking the checkbox per scrolldown…instead of i need to have only 2 checkboxes, it checks more than 10. Hope you understand my explanation…Thank you again

Not uipath will read like that,
Actually the web-page has dynamic selector, the back-end code for the page has changed based on the active screen.

So you can think some different logic based on the web-page screen performance to achieve this.


Same problem here… I need to Find for example “A” Checkbox then “B” Checkbox Below the page which i need to use “Page Down” that’s where “B” checkbox is located.

Find/Read A and B data from Excel sheet data table under Column - “Options”
Click A checkbox
Page Down
Click B Checkbox

Same issue here and challenging to do this with UiPath - hope someone can suggest a “Specific logic including the activity name”


Up! hoping some robot masters could answer and give some sample XAML =)