Find Image - Timeout - Not being Caught

I have a “Find Image” activity, that is intended to locate an image on a “Image of scanned page”, then use the clipping region to extract text from nearby using OCR.

The “Find Image” is giving a “Time Out” error, but I have the activities in a Try / Catch block.

Why would the “Catch” block not get executed?

Regards, Dave

When you run the process in Debug mode, the process will stop for any errors. You have to press Continue to let the process to continue to run. If you keep pressing Continue, your process will go to the Catch block.

To find out how it will run once it’s loaded to Orchestrator, use Ctrl + F5 in the 2019 Studio version. this will run the process without stopping for errors, and your Catch block will be reached.


I had removed the break points, but now I understand the Time Out error is still going to cause the Debug process to “halt” and highlight the error.
Yes, when I run the process, the catch block is invoked and the Time Out error is not shown.

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