Find Image ORC


I need to find all Images (Boxes). All of this Boxes have a Number - For example 1 to 7.
I need the robot to find all Boxes first with the number 1, than with the number 2 …
I tried everything without any results. Do have someone ideas?
There is a variable defined in a loop. The loop change the variable from 1 to 7. The robot should find in the first round only boxes with the number 1. In the next round all with number 2.

Can someone help me :wink: ?

If you could upload the image here, It will be helpful to understand what you are looking to achieve.

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Sure :slight_smile:

Hi Katonar,

Try running an OCR on area that it is possible for the boxes to show up in. If you read the text in you might be able to spot a pattern in what the OCR sees and based off that text information might be able to create a loop that Selects each box in any order you like.

Sorry its not much of an answer but its a starting point!

Best of luck :slight_smile:

I would probably try to use Find Text Position or Find OCR Text Position, then use that position with either Set Clipping Region. Either that or use Find Text or Find OCR Text and adjust the Cursor Position properties of Click or TypeInto activities.

Thanks a lot. I tried ORC with this recording function and noticed that uipath doesn’t see any text there. So uipath doesn’t recognize this numbers in this boxes. I don’t have any other ideas how uipath could separate this boxes. :confused: its all about making an automated process document based on excel :smiley: