Find Image does not find an image until minimize and restore the Remote Desktop Window

Hello. I am developing a robot that needs to enter in an application that is in a remote Windows server 2012 R2 in Portugal using Remote Desktop, opens the application, select a menu item, run a report and save it in an excel file. Very simple. But when the robot triggers the report, two popup’s appear simultaneously. One of them just say that is “Calculating” using a progress bar, and the other one saying that the operation is OK (and has an OK button). But the application does not permit to press OK until the calculating finished. I made a simple sequence with “Find Image” for the “Calculating” Message and a “Wait Image Vanish” with a big timeout, to wait that the calculating message disappear (indicating that the calculation is finished). After that, I use a “Find Image” with the image of the second popup to guarantee that the popup is there and a “Click image“ in the Button to close the popup. Initially the “Find Image” does not find the second popup (but recognize the first one and wait until vanished). But the strange thing that happens is, when the robot is running If I minimize the “Remote Desktop” windows (I do it to verify if the robot is still running) and restore the Remote Desktop Windows, immediately the robot find the image and click the OK button to close the popup. If I do not do that, the “Find image” never find the second popup and the robot trigger an exception. Any Idea of what is happening?. I tried to delete the second Find Image and go directly to the “Click Image” but the behavior is the same (when a I minimize and restore the windows it Clicks the button but when I do not do it, the Click never find the button and a exception is triggered). Thanks in advance.


without going too far I could recommend you before starting the process of minimizing and restoring the screen (not maximized since uipath would lose focus to capture images)

It works. Thanks. I minimize the Remote Desktop Windows and Restore it (not maximize) with windows Activities before triggering the report and when it finished calculation the robot can find the image. It would be interesting to know why this extrange behaviour happens but It works for me at this momento.

good nque I can tell you, to my experieincia could assume it in the moment to maximize the romoto we lose the focus of our desk. and as the UIPath recognition algorithms run on our pc this causes the failure.

This is just my point of view :sweat_smile: