Find Image As Customer

Is there anyone who can please help me…
Actually i have a Invoice which consist Customer name it is finding properly with this word from PDF but problem here is that I want to Find Those all text which is present after Customer related text present just beside of Customer

how it will be possible

Please help me…

Hello @bitubawankar,

it’s possible you can capture whatever you want to take in image. grab properly.



But i have alot of invoices which have a different customer name then how it would be access next time on-words

ohhh, that is case, why you’re using Find Image Activity then. it’ll definitely throw an error if image is changed. it works with image that will be available forever.

Is there any possiblities that whole text should be grab from each pdf invoices

Can you share a PDF with me I want to see that how many text/words are there after Customer word?