Find Image Activity: On what factors Image recognition speed depends

Wanted to know on what factors will the ‘time taken to recognize the image’ depend on (considering that the image is visible already on the screen).

I have a scenario, where the application is migrated from solaris to linux. i am using log messages to check the response time(approx.) to open window after clicking on a button.
Click on button>log message(window opening…)>find a image on the opened window>log message(window opened successfully).

I have given the same image to find in both new and old version…old version is taking <1sec and new version is taking 5 secs. But, the reverse is expected(new is fastert than old version).

Please help on this.


Please check below thread for more Info.

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Hi @rameshgp43

There are multiple factors but one of them is Accuracy which is by default 0.8.
It plays a major factor in terms of speed.

A unit of measurement from 0 to 1 which expresses the minimum similarity between the image you are searching for and the one to be found. Useful in situations when the image to be found is slightly different than the one you are searching for.


Hi anmolk171,

In my case, there is no issue with accuracy…I have maintained 0.8 in both the versions’ test case

Hi lakshman,

I have seen this already but could not find that describes the factors that affect the image recognition time.


I think it depends on screen resolution also.