Find Image activities for ERP software

Hi everyone, I would like to move the number in the ERP software to the value that corresponds to the value of the “current code:”. For this, I use the “find image / set clipping region / get visible text / set clipping region” activities. I ran it in a .png photo for an experiment. The robot runs without an error, but the value is empty. Can you please help me? @nadim.warsi

Hi @gggesr

Could you provide some screenshots (of the field itself)? It would help what the options are :slight_smile:
Also, try checking out these topics.

Also, depending on your application, it should be possible to automate using the Jave extension which would generate actual selectors for your fields. See here:


Hi @loginerror i made maximize the page size, than i started get ocr text activities, it’s successful, i solved my problem but i will learn java extensions, thank you for everything