Find if same value in certain columns in different row and returning same value to the particular row

Hi all,

I’m think of improving my UiPath processing time, as when i’m running my UiPath, find out time consuming while running process. each and everytime i need to loop the same value search in second excel. the most consume part.

Attachment for raw file:

if value of column F and E is exact same with next row, then would be returning same value at column N.

as from attachment, N9:N12 would be returning “ABC”

Please help. thanks!

The “If” is applied just for cases in “F” and “E” is the same with next row right? I mean, if I have:

E2 = 5000 F2 = Data1
E7 = 5000 F7 = Data1

Although they’re the same, they don’t be next each other, for this case according what are you thinking, the valeu returned in Column N shouldn’t be the same ok? Just to check out if I’m really understood what are you trying to do.

Anyway, if you’re handle with some VBA macro, you also can keep the logical in VBA and just invoke the code / module with UiPath

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Hi @Felipe_Kotinda

Yes, in this case still returning same value. but i’m thinking to find a way to sort it in advance

Also, that’s add-ons on my query. as my file would up to 20k of lines, or even more, so if using if else i afraid of will take too much time to loop for similar criteria, where there are thousand of difference in that two columns.