Find if button is disable

I would like to know if is it possible to know if a button is disable or not in Uipath?

Hello @Syllabus

Please look into this thread and let me know, is it helpful for you?



It depends from application to application but usually you will use UiExplorer and look for property changes in Property Explorer panel.

In this case - SQL Server Management Studio - when enabled, the button will have aastate = focusable; when not enabled aastate = unavailable. At runtime use Get Attribute activity to query the status.


Hi @badita
I always have the same value in aastate when the button(Details de taxe) is enabled or not
Look at the following images

They look pretty much the same. Could you take a look at the immediate parent of the button, too. Double click it in the Selector Editor.

There is something odd about the attached pictures. In the first the index attribute seems to be 3 and in the second picture the index changed to 2 ?

Are you sure it is the same button?
How do you preform the test? Do you select the button again after it becomes disabled?

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