Find First/Last row Activity - Excel.Activities - Error

Dear All,

I am facing an issue while using find First/Last Row. Here it is asking me to use Uipath.activities.activity in the activity.

Find First/LastRow activity is to be used in “Use Excel” Scope which is given in documentation.

Link of documentation: Find First/Last Data Row

Whenever am trying to use this activity inside “Use Excel” Scope showing the following error

Incase of any solution . Kindly give you inputs.

Thanks and Regards
Kashif Nasar Syed.

Hi @kashif_nasar ,

We have to create variables for First row index and Last row index for the activity Find First/Last row activity. if we create variables to store the indexes this error will go away. please refer the below screenshot for reference. thanks.

And also use the expression like following BankStatement.Sheet(“Sheet1”)



I can reproduce your issue. Can you try to input each value/variable in not designer panel but property panel, because some property in designer panel is not reflected correctly.



Thanks Bro. I didn’t knew that. All the best.

Your welcome bro @kashif_nasar . Happy new year.

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