Find Files and Folders

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I am using the Find Files and Folders Activity in Gsuite.
As I observed the activities were not looking at the Folder itself but for the whole drive.

Ho can I used Find Files and Folders Activity in Gsuite to lookup only in the specified folder only. Please guide!

I have deleted the files in the folder drive, still, when using the Find Filles and Folder the file was still existing in the drive.

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hi @pattyricarte,

Just a suggestion, you may delete forever the files in the trash that you had been deleted in the specific folder, that way you may not found the files again.
Thank you!

As you said you deleted the files from the folder so it may possible you not able to find. Still you can search the file with this activity. One alternative solution is if you ever store those file on local drive then try some free utility program like recuva, stellar data recovery free edition, tesdisk etc. These programs able to retrieve the lost data, deleted data, formatted data easily. Probably it may help you.