Find File Names in Folder with a particular name format ex : 0123_ETCD_2018_<Description>


I have a folder where there will be 100s of files . The format that my process expect is as below . How can I read only those files in the format mentioned ?

example only files which start with : 0123_ETC9_2018_

0123 is constant
ETC9 - First 3 is alphabets and last letter is a number. It could be XYD4 , TYR4 or any combination
2018 is year


You can use this expression:

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@aviokc2011 Try below workflow. I think it is might be solution for yours.

Main.xaml (8.9 KB)

I used below files for reference. U can look also at it. (1.3 KB)

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Thanks for this XML . In my case for example the file which has a name - 0134XYD42018_villa.txt

should error out . How do i do that ?

@aviokc2011 try below code

If last pasrt only contains letters(i.e, after 2018_). U use below pattern