Find field empty and type into

Hello everyone! I need help, someone can support me?

I have a list about register that I can need input in this empty fiel, so I click on the button “ + “ to generate a field box and register typing the code.

However, each click that I made on the button “ + “ the empty field has generated below of that’s I used, so my actually field ever be the last.

How that I can the uipath identify the empty field and type the register of right form?

Hi, welcome to the community!
If the field is generated after you click in the [ + ], then you need to be able to predict a good selector for them, what is the selector you get for those fields?

In this case I can’t select each field because I have 780 registers and after eight values that uipath register, my system needs to create another page

You need to select only a few, to see how is the selectors, the new ones we will be able to predict. Or use a different approach, like find children or other things…

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You can send me a example? I try send the system print here but the new members cannot send images :frowning:

U have a LinkedIn or email, that i can send to you?