Find Element/OCR does not find QR code in a scanned PDF if the region it is present varies

I am using ‘Find Element’ and marking out a region using F3 key to find QR code. The Find element works for some of the PDFs and does not works for some. Selector has been set such that it searches all PDFs. Only if the Find Element is valid i am Highlighting the QR code using ‘HighLight’ activity in Uipath. The position of the QR code varies in some PDFs.

Also tried the Read PDF with OCR and Screen Scraping with Tessaract OCR with ‘Get Words info’ check,

Tried using:
to get the QR Code but it does not accept scanned PDF files as input.

Is there a way where the co-ordinates of the QR code for each PDF can be read dynamically from PDFs and passed as Clipping region to the ‘HighLight’ activity ? Converting
X=576,Y=268,Width=166,Height=48 to Clipping Region of Highlight activity
Referred :


using Find Element that QR code can be identified in each PDF wherever the QR code occurs ?

Is that we code having any solid term near to it
If so we can try with anchor base activity and get the code
Cheers @mailsmithash

Cannot use Anchor Base Activity, tried using it, but there is no solid text that is constant around the QR Code. The data around QR code is employee details which varies in each PDF.

Partly this could be achieved by following the below link:

Dynamically able to pass the clipping region to the highlight activity for each PDF, but the +/- adjustments to the co-ordinates need to be achieved.

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Able to dynamically pass the Clipping region, and the co-ordinates of the required element in PDF with OCR.

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