Find element not wait until link not found

Hi In web portal I am searching data using user ID.When I search first record it take almost 1 mint but after this for next record I am able to fetch all record in 5 sec.This problem I am facing then I used activity find element but when I used this it wait for around 20-30 sec then record not found it moved to next record but not wait for until link not found

use On element appears activity


this error message got when try on element appears

Hi @Aditya10989
Use Element Exists and set the selector as dynamic and check

Ashwin S

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this will always wait for link until links not appear not move to next step…?
set selector as dynamic …??

@AshwinS2 tried but not work same thing happened which happened in find element

Hi @Aditya10989,
I had same issue once and I fixed it as below.
1.Add On Element Appear activity.
2.set it’s repeat property False.
3.set it’s TimeoutMS to 80000 (you can set to any value more than 30000)
Inside On element appear, add any activity like writeline (or click/get text).

Hope this will work for you!

thanks for reply I try this but I faced this issue do you faced this actually I do not know what to set in property like FoundElement.Now I can only try tomorrow because it face this issue only in a day first day now its work fine .

@Deepak94 I try On element appear but not work

Kindly try once with ON IMAGE APPEAR Activity by choosing that string or a text as a image
Or if it’s a button drag the region of that button as a image

Cheers @Aditya10989