Find Element activity return nothing even when the UiElement are active & visible on page

Hi all,

I’m using Find Element activity for waiting for some UiElements on a web page. I’m searching for bold tag containing some text. Following is the selector for page 2 Find Element activity:

<html title=‘xxxxxxx- Internet Explorer’ / >
<webctrl tag=‘B’ aaname=‘xxxxxxxx’ />

WaitForReady - Complete
WaitActive - Checked
WaitVisible - Checked

I’m using this activity for confirming loading of web page while navigating. For e.g.
(Page 1 → Page 2 → Page 3 → Page 4)

Above navigation is inside a loop. This loop will iterate more than 30 times. For majority of iteration it is working fine, but for few it is returning nothing even when the page i.e. page 3 is fully loaded. But when page 3 is minimized & then maximized, it is able to find the required element. I’m not able to understand this behavior. Is this some error in website itself ?